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Diamond wedding rings would be one of the most expensive jewelry pieces that most people own. Hence, any damage to the ring might surely disturb you. On a related note, one of the main issues that people usually face in this case is the gemstones falling out of their rings. Hence, you must be very careful while dealing with your diamond rings.

When it comes to multi-stone settings such as pave, halo, channel, cluster, etc., you might even fail to notice that one or more diamonds from your ring is missing. Similarly, invisible set diamonds are also at risk in this case since its mounting or setting will not be as strong as many other setting options such as prongs, for instance. Channel setting is regarded as one of the safest options for the best wedding rings. However, this secured diamond ring setting is also at the risk of losing diamonds when the channel is damaged.

Now, most diamond ring lovers may wonder why this happens. Note that most couples are likely to wear their diamond wedding rings for the rest of their life. Undoubtedly, you may knock into things often in your day-to-day life. This can make the diamonds on your sparkler to fall out from its setting. Nevertheless, the frequency of the diamonds falling out may depend on the type and strength of your diamond ring settings. It is to be noted that the metal setting of your rings is likely to wear down over time making the mountings less durable.

The best way to tackle this issue is to figure out which diamonds are at risk. For this, it is recommended to check the diamonds in your ring regularly. Note that if any of the stone moves even slightly as you gently push it to a side of your ring; you probably should get it tightened. Usually, diamonds set using prongs are at higher risk of falling out, particularly if any of the prongs are broken or damaged. In case the prongs of your affordable wedding rings are made using softer metals such as silver, gold, etc., you must be extra careful. Some caring tips that you may consider are here.

  • Take your valuable rings to a jeweler and get the stones tightened or repair any damages as soon as you notice it.
  • Avoid wearing your diamond rings while doing strenuous or vigorous activities such as gardening, sports, adventurous activities, weight lifting, etc.
  • Be extra careful if your ring features inlaid diamond settings since the glue that holds them can easily get weak over time.
  • Dirt buildup can make your rings prone to damages and also it may hide the wear out signs. So, clean your diamond rings regularly. In case you employ jewelry cleaning devices to remove dirt and grime from your ring, check the condition or tightness of your diamonds before and after cleaning. Note that, the vibration in the devices can loosen the stones at times

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