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What is that your future life partner prefers to have set on a wedding band? Is it simply a diamond or some other stone? Whether you are looking for an affordable wedding ring, or have one custom-made for your lover, these tips will help you find the one that bows to her. Just make sure that she is all right with a piece that does not have that ostentatious factor before you shop for cheap wedding bands.

Use an Heirloom Jewel to Custom Set

If you have a piece of jewel that originally belongs to an elderly member in your family, and have the permission/blessings of that member, then you can surely make use of that piece. Perhaps the item it is set in is so antique that you may feel it is better to take its stone, and have it custom-set on the wedding band of your choice. With proper care, this can carry its sentimental value forward to another generation.

Go for Plain Wedding Bands

A lot of people fancy wedding bands without a diamond or sparkling stone. They choose to stand out from the sea of sparkle out there. At times, it is better to make odd choices for that special someone who has an unusual personality or style. Such wedding bands have no embellishment, but they are still classic and timeless. Some of the best options in this regard are platinum, 14 karat gold, 18 karat gold, and palladium bands.

Titanium Bands

Ideally, a wedding band that is just four millimeters wide is advertised as men’s rings. Such kind of a titanium ring would also make an affordable piece for your wedding. The metal is lightweight, lustrous, scratch-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and lustrous. Titanium is also so strong that at times people say it is difficult to remove a ring from a swollen finger only through amputation. However, that information is untrue, as per industry experts. Still, titanium ring is by no means simple to remove, as that can be done using a diamond saw or another special tool. Yet keep in mind that resizing it is almost impossible.

Art Deco Ring

If she loves this predominantly 1920’s style, you will love to choose rose gold plated bands for her. It is ideal for those who have a liking for vintage jewelry looks. You can also consider a sterling silver Art Deco ring as an inexpensive option.

Yellow Gold with Three Stone Setting

If you do not want a ring that is too flashy, yet still offers a bit of sparkle, then you will love to buy yellow gold wedding bands featuring three diamonds of small total weight. Such kinds of wedding rings offer a little bit of sparkle and are not over the top.

Rings with Koa Wood Inlay

If your lover prefers earth tones to showy and expensive, then consider a wedding ring set with inlay of Koa Wood. Such types of affordable wedding rings for women have that warm and subdued beauty. If you want to get one that costs less, then consider titanium as the metal for the inlay ring.

Blue Stainless Steel Rings

People love wedding bands that stand out. A blue steel ring is for people of such preference. It has an extremely pretty color, and since it is stainless steel, it is not just durable but affordable as well. Believe it or not, some types of fast-food meals actually cost more than such wedding bands.

More Ways to Save on Wedding Rings

Besides the above-mentioned options, there are more ways to purchase more affordable wedding rings for women.

  • Wait for Seasonal Sales and Discounts: Follow your favorite jewelry store both online and offline. Wait for holiday season sales, and look for discount offers all the year round. You could get a better deal in January than in December, as jewelry are popular holiday gifts and sales are usually quite slow in the first month of the calendar year.
  • Make Cash Offer: Some people look to purchase jewelry from a store by offering to pay cash, and settle the whole bill this way. Usually, if one offers to pay for a wedding band instead of financing it, then the outlet will be more inclined to be flexible upon the price since they know that they are getting a lump sum.
  • Consider Online Purchase When Possible: Buy cheap wedding rings online. One of the benefits of the online purchase is that it is more affordable. That is because online retail stores do not come with overhead costs, so that initial cost saving translates to benefits to customers as well. Besides, the selection in online platforms is better than those in physical jewelry stores. In addition, this offers the option of making a purchase from the convenience of your house, office, or somewhere with internet facility.