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Wedding Band Embellishment Ideas for Women

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Wedding Band Ideas

Most women may put all their concentration on finding the best diamond engagement rings since they will be all pumped up and excited with their marriage proposal. They hardly realize that they need a wedding band as well. Hence, brides usually tend to choose a band that complements their sparkling engagement rings rather than going for something extraordinary.

This, actually, is not the right etiquette. After all, your wedding band is the symbol of your relationship and is of utmost importance. If you are confused about the type of wedding band to choose, below are some of the best ideas that you may consider in order to design drop dead gorgeous jewelry pieces.

Thick Metal Bands

Diamond engagement rings usually flaunt solitaire diamond ring setting with a huge center diamond and a delicate metal band. In order to complement this, you may consider beautiful wedding rings with thicker shanks. This will not only enhance the beauty of your engagement ring but will also make your wedding band stand out.

Here, you can lift up the overall bling factor as well as the appeal of the ring to the next level by paving the metal band with tiny diamond accents. If you are looking for something sophisticated and vintage, it is better to engrave incredible patterns on your wedding band.

Textured Wedding Bands

Adding a unique texture to your beautiful wedding rings is the best way to create an outstanding style. If you prefer, you can go for textures or patterns that contrast with your engagement ring patterns. It is better to consider the same colored metal for both the rings in such cases. Otherwise, each pattern will be highlighted well and it may sometimes look awkward on your finger.

Similarly, thinner bands will be more suited for textured designs. Some of the ideal options that you may consider in this case include hammered diamond settings, raw rough edges, brushed finish, matte texture, bumpy surface, etc. This type of design will be a perfect option for all the couples who are looking for affordable wedding bands.

Alternative Designs

Alternative wedding bands will be ideal for all the unconventional brides out there. Usually, the wedding bands will be circular in shape and will be partially or entirely paved with diamonds. In order to give it a modern twist, you may consider beautiful wedding rings with wave pattern, twists, curves, knots, zigzags, etc. However, you will not be able to pair this type of sparklers with your diamond engagement rings.

Usually, this type of affordable wedding bands will be worn on the ring finger and the engagement rings will be shifted either to the adjacent fingers or to the ring finger of the right hand.