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WOODEN WEDDING RINGS – All You Need to Know!

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Wooden rings, being one among the fine displays of natural beauty, are a good choice for couples who are searching for eco-friendly rings. Before buying a wedding ring, you need to read and get to know a lot on the pros and cons of wooden wedding rings, best woods that are used for making rings, special care taken of it, and  the other essential shopping tips to select one from many varieties of wedding rings available out there in the market.

Which is the Best Wood for Wooden Wedding Rings?

This question is often asked by many consumers when it comes to selecting a ring that is made out of wood. The best wood out there to make rings is hardwoods. These are the right kind of choice when it comes to selecting rings also from other rings that are made out of other woods. Hardwoods include birch, oak, dogwood, poplar, eucalyptus, ash, hickory, sandalwood, apple-wood, cherry, maple, elm and walnut. The woods have beautiful grain designs that have unique special meanings that may also help couples choose the correct one that matches their interests and beliefs.

Woods that are endangered deserve a note of caution for couples who are looking for wood rings that are eco-friendly. These include Brazil wood, Spanish cedar, Mahogany, Sandalwood Madagascar and Rosewood. You will have to make sure that the ring made out of any of these woods has been collected through a sustainable means. For example, it has to be made out of a wooden piece that is from a branch that has been fallen out from the tree.

Several rings made from woods are also been called as ‘bentwood’ rings. This is actually a process which is used to bend and also to form wood, rather than being a type of wood itself. In majority of cases, the wood is steamed until it is softened and is then gently shaped. It is then locked down so that it gets dried in the shape it has been formed in.

Special Care Needed for Wood Wedding Rings

Special care recommendations and special care instructions depending upon the type of wooden ring you are purchasing should be followed for wooden wedding bands as well as rings. There are always some general instructions you can follow.

Remove the ring before showering, bathing and swimming.

Remove the rings before performing any activities that might expose the ring to chemical substances and hard knocks.

Have a new finish applied as it is needed to protect the wood.

Do not expose the rings to moisture for longer amount of time – for example, while washing dishes.

Do not apply hand lotions, hair gel etc. on your hands while you have your rings on hand.

Shopping Tips for Wooden Rings

It is always important to ensure that you get the correct ring sizes for your hands, since it cannot be resized. The best way to do this is to have a professional jeweler take the ring sizes.

Check on the policies before you decide on where to buy the rings as there are many small businesses that specialize in wood rings specifically, who also offer extra services which include re-finishing, exchange and replacement.

Order the ring before at least 4 to 6 months before the wedding ceremony is scheduled as wooden rings takes at least 6 to 8 weeks to be made.

Ask for the finishing products that would be used on the ring, if you are a vegan. Some rings may be finished using products that contain ingredients derived from animals or insects.

Pros and Cons of Wooden Wedding Rings

Wood wedding rings can be formed into a variety of styles using many colorful hardwoods. These can include plain wood bands, colorful inlay designs and also braided patterns. Engagement rings and bands that are made out of wood can also be set with gemstones and center diamonds. This can give your ring more of a personalized touch. 

Rings made from woods are also hypoallergenic in most of the cases and this mainly depends on what type of finish is used on the rings. These seem to be a great option for people who tend to suffer from metal allergies. Hand-carved wood rings each have their own unique characteristics- which means, no two rings would be exactly alike.

Rings that are made out of wood are a great choice for couples searching for low budget wedding rings, but also for rings that are designed with high-quality workmanship.

The biggest cons of wooden rings are that they require special care to remain good for years. These rings can’t also be resized. But there is good news that follows, these rings are affordable to replace if your ring size changes down the road. The ethical and environmental benefits of wood rings could be lost if the rings are made with gold or platinum or any material that has not been obtained through resources that are ethical and eco-friendly.