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Diamonds are one of the most fascinating things to be discovered by man ever. There are thousands of types of diamonds found naturally, and this directly reflects on the changes and updates in the designs and style in the gems and jewelry market from time to time. Below are some of the most popular diamond engagement ring styles available in the market at present.

Classic Diamond Eternity Ring in Platinum

This classy ring is adorned with a continuous band of diamonds all around the ring. In addition, the diamonds are set in the attractive platinum metal. This design also makes for one of the best wedding rings for women today.

Pavé Diamond Ring in 14k White Gold

Pavé diamond ring setting makes for a very shiny ring when set in white gold. This design has a row of stunning round diamonds pave set to add to the style quotient of the jewelry.

Seven Stone Diamond Ring in Platinum

Set in durable platinum metal, this ring stands out for its seven round diamonds. It looks beautiful and sparkly from all directions, and can perfectly suit any attire.

Scalloped Pavé Diamond Ring in Platinum

The scalloped pave diamond ring is another brilliant option in the list of the best engagement ring styles these days. It has the attractiveness of a typical French design and suits women of all tastes.

Floating Diamond Eternity Ring in Platinum

This is yet another delightful eternity ring for you to sport proudly. It is unique and is set in the low profile platinum setting, which makes it a go-to option for non-traditional brides.

Garland Diamond Eternity Ring in Platinum

One of the most stunning designs of all time, this eternity ring has it all: unique design and beautifully cut round brilliant diamonds. Further, it is crafted in a new garland design, and is capable of drawing the attention all by itself.

Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Ring in Platinum

This is a 5 ct eternity diamond ring with a modern make. It has a continuous loop of emerald cut diamonds and is ideal as one of best wedding rings for women of this day and age. It looks great with a stack of eternity rings.

Classic Wedding Ring in 18k Yellow Gold

This 18k wedding ring is unique in the fact that it is lightweight and slender. In addition, its low-profile appearance makes it ideal for everyday use. It has an adorable high polished finish, which complements yellow gold engagement rings perfectly. Overall, it will become a long-term friend of yours.